Pilvilinnan leipomo

Dreams which taste sweet.


Baker and owner of Pilvilinnan leipomo

A party coming? Are the hustle and bustle of everyday life taking you away or do you feel insecure as a baker? Do you want the food served at your party to be tasty and beautiful to look at? Then you should contact Pilvilinna bakery. As the creator of the global cake trend, I made your cake and other catering wishes come true. My bakery specializes in small (up to 30 people) family parties such as christenings, birthdays, christenings and graduations. For these parties, you can order from me either just the cake or all the coffee table offerings. The pastries are always made individually according to wishes. At the moment, my order calendar may be full for up to two months ahead, especially on weekends, so please get in touch as early as possible.

It was the desire to make customers' sweet dreams come true that led to the transition from an amateur to an entrepreneur in 2018. As a self-taught baker, I always bake with a big heart and investing in taste, without forgetting appearance. Authentic flavours, not too sweet and suitably moist, that's my recipe for the perfect cake. Good wishes and delicious moments for you! Best regards,

Pilvilinnan Anna

My assortment


Stuffed cakes and mousse cakes with the decoration of your choice.

Savory treats

Sandwich cakes, archipelago breads and other savory treats you'd imagine.

Other treats

Cup cakes, clouds, cookies, macarons and other small treats.

Asiakkaiden palautteita

Hymyilevää ja mutkatonta palvelua, maistuvia ja kauniita kakkuja. Mikroyrityksen vaivattomuus ja persoonallisuus, rakastan! Luottoleipurini, Pilvilinnan Anna Kiitos!

Essi, Tampere

Pilvilinnan leipomon kakut ovat tehneet oikeutta meidän perheen juhliin. Maistuvat ja todella kauniit kakut ovat juhlapöydän kruunu.

Mari, Ylöjärvi

Upeita ja super herkullisia kakkuja mukavalta leipurilta!

Sanna, Pirkkala

Voimme suositella Pilvilinnan leipomoa lämpimästi! Ristiäiskakkumme sai paljon kehuja - kakku oli erittäin herkullinen ja todella kaunis! Tilaamme täältä myös jatkossa.

Jonna, Nokia