Assortment and pricing

Assortment and pricing

ASSORTMENT AND PRICING, prices including VAT (14%)

Unique stuffed cakes täytekakut from 90€

The filled cakes are made by hand according to the customer's wishes. The cakes are filled with curd or butter cream cheese-based mousses gelled with gelatin. In a cake for 10-12 people, 1 mousse and for larger cakes, 2 mousses. The topping is flavored meringue buttercream unless otherwise requested. As a base, you can choose a light or cocoa base. The final price is determined by the decoration of the cake.

  • 10-12 persons 90,00€
  • 18-20 persons 120,00€
  • 25-30 persons 140,00€

Cake menu for cakes for 18-20 people and about 25-30 people (applying to 10-12 people)

  • Raspberry seduction (light base, raspberry mousse and white chocolate mousse with white chocolate crumb)
  • Whisper of caramel (light base, caramel mousse with raspberries and raspberry mousse)
  • Walk in the forest (light base, vanilla mousse with lingonberries and caramel mousse)
  • Sweet and sour (light base, lemon mousse and caramel mousse with salty milk chocolate crumb)
  • Grandmother's blueberry pie (light base, blueberry cardamom mousse and vanilla mousse with blueberries)
  • Call of tropic (light base, strawberry-lime mousse and mango-pineapple mousse (in summer: mango mousse with strawberries))
  • The enchantment of licorice (light base, licorice mousse with raspberries and raspberry mousse)
  • Strawberry summer (light base, strawberry mousse, lemon mousse with strawberries) available for the summer strawberry season
  • Dreams come true (your own optional base and 1-2 fillings according to your wishes)

Biscuit based mousse cakes from 65€

Mousse cakes have curd or cream cheese-based gelatin-cooled mousses and a biscuit base. Flavours similar to stuffed cakes.

  • circa 10 persons 65,00€
  • circa 15 persons 85,00€

Pilvilinna's chocolate cake 80€

The best chocolate cake in the world, with cherry jam and mascarpone chocolate mousse between the succulent chocolate base and a perfect chocolate icing on top.

You can also buy a Pilvilinna chocolate cake recipe (delivered by email) for the price 7,90€

Cupcakes / mini cupcakes 50€

Order batch (also minimum) 12 pcs normal / 24 pcs mini. Decoration by theme. +5-10€

Flavours include:

  • raspberry white chocolate
  • chocolate
  • chocolate white chocolate
  • mint chocolate
  • peanut chocolate
  • chocolate Nutella
  • blueberry lemon
  • banana caramel
  • Biscoff

Clouds (flavoured big meringues) 0,80€/pcs

  • dark chocolate
  • mocha chocolate
  • peppermint chocolate
  • turkinpippuri (salted licorice)
  • raspberry

Cookies 1,50€/kpl

  • chocolate chip
  • chocolate chip

Macarons 40€

Order batch (also minimum) 24pcs per flavour, (color can be selected according to wishes)

  • lemon
  • lime
  • blackcurrant
  • salted caramel
  • chocolate
  • mint chocolate
  • Nutella
  • Biscoff

Sandwich cakes from 110€

Sandwich cakes are made round on homemade bread. Available in only one size, with a capacity of about 18-20 people.

  • ham 110€
  • turkey 110€
  • texmex chicken (contains lactose) 110€
  • warm smoked salmong 125€
  • cold smoked reindeer 125€
  • vegetable 110€

Pilvilinnan lautturi

Lactose free archipelago bread 9,00€ pcs

I also make other sweet and savory pastries, ask for an offer!

The products are always made from lactose-free raw materials whenever possible, but some of the fillings in the filling cake, for example, contain lactose (eg white chocolate). I also make gluten-free and, if necessary, some milk-free and egg-free pastries to order. Please note, however, that normal products (cereals containing gluten, milk, nuts ...) are processed in the same room, so residues may be present in the products. Please always indicate possible diets / allergies when ordering!

I don't make licensed characters (e.g. Frozen, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Peppa the Pig, etc.) or club logos or similar to cakes or the cakes in question. The theme can be adapted in cakes and if desired, the customer can add a toy or other decoration to the cake.

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