Terms of ordering and delivery

Terms of ordering and delivery

Terms of ordering and delivery:

Products are hand made in officially approved home kitchen in Nokia. I work alone so you should place your order well in advance. Sometimes I can take orders even at short notice, so it's always worth asking. Please leave your order primarily by email info@pilvilinnanleipomo.fi or via SMS / WhatsApp to the number

The order can be canceled 4 days before pick-up. For subsequent cancellations, I will charge 50% of the order price. I will charge the full amount for the ordered and undelivered product. Sometimes the cancellation is due to an insurmountable obstacle (illness of one's own or a family member) by the baker. Such cancellation will be notified to the subscriber as soon as possible and the order will be forwarded and nothing will be charged. Please note that I also do not pay compensation for such cancellations.

Orders are picked up at the agreed time from the bakery. Please adhere to the agreed time and let us know if there are any changes. Pick-up time is usually on the morning of the holiday. Cakes are paid for when picked up by card or cash (flat rate). Also billing option. The invoice must be paid before picking up.

After delivery, the responsibility for the proper storage and transport of the cake passes to the customer. For example, filling and mousse cakes are stored in the refrigerator (6 degrees or less) until served. When transporting, it is advisable to pay attention to the flat surface (rear / foot space of the car). In summer, it is a good idea to protect the cakes from heat (cooler bags / coolers, etc.) to prevent the cold chain from breaking.

I reserve the right to make changes.